Common Europe iTour 2019 Dates and Locations

Common Europe is offering the 2019 iTour in numerous venues across Europe. This year, the iTour is offered in partnership with Syncsort and various Common Europe country groups.

IBM i systems hold critical data for enterprises across industries and process large volumes of sensitive information. Keeping those systems secure and compliant with industry and state regulations is crucial to protecting your corporate, partner and customer data from costly breaches that can damage your reputation.

At the same time, today’s businesses are under pressure to extract the greatest value from IBM i data by building data pipelines that connect IBM i data to the rest of your business in real time. Join the iTour to hear Syncsort’s subject matter experts share best practices for securing your IBM i servers and answer your questions about modernizing the use of IBM i data by integrating it with new platforms.


Agendas may vary from event to event but will include some of the following subject matter:

  • Session 1: Best Practices in IBM i Security – one session that runs through the 6 layers of security

  • Session 2: Deep dive into - Data privacy (protecting data at-rest and in-motion from unauthorized access with encryption, tokenization, and masking)

  • Session 3: Building streaming data pipelines from IBM i databases – connecting data from IBM i systems with modern applications and data platforms

  • Session 4: Integrating IBM i machine data into IT analytics systems – addressing the IBM i blind spots in Splunk and ServiceNow

  • Session 5: Connect BIG Data for IBMi - Leveraging IBMi data for Hybrid Cloud, streaming Data pipeline

  • View descriptive session abstracts

We are pleased to announce the following dates and locations:


  • Brussels, Belgium - 30 September 2019 - COMMON Belgium / COMMON Luxembourg
    Registration can be found at COMMON Belgium

  • Zurich, Swittzerland - 16 October 2019 - Common Switzerland
    Registration can be found at Common Switzerland

  • Targanice,Andrychów, Poland - 18 November 2019 - Common Poland
    Registration can be found at Common Poland

  • Vienna, Austria - 3 December 2019 - Common Austria
    Registration can be found at Commn Austria

  •       More locations and dates to be announced soon.


Andreu Rul
Senior Sales Engineer
Syncsort Ltd.

Andreu has more than 20 years’ experience in the Security and High Availability IBMI environment and he is one of Syncsort leading specialist in the area.

Mariusz "Max" Gieparda
Sales Engineering EMEA and APAC
Syncsort Ltd.

Mariusz Gieparda has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry gained in Europe, Middle East and North America. With Syncsort for last 16 years. He has an in-depth knowledge of IBM System p, high availability (HACMP) and has both an IBM Advanced Technical Expert Certification and Linux Professional Certification.

Mr. Gieparda is the co-author of three IBM Redbooks under the topics: HACMP, Advanced Power Virtualization and Fast Connect. At Syncsort, he is managing the Sales Engineering EMEA team.