Common Europe iTour 2018 Dates and Locations

  • Common Europe is offering the 2018 iTour in seven venues across Europe. This year, the iTour is offered in partnership with Fresche Solutions and various Common Europe country groups.


    Agendas will vary from event to event but will include the following subject matter:
    1. Digital Transformation and Innovating for the Future – how to align IT initiatives with key business objectives, how to lead their organizations into a digital era and why so many companies are focused on digital transformation.
    2. AI/Watson: The business value derived from AI - Presentation walks through real life business cases helping IBM i clients understand where and how Watson/AI can be used.
    3. Design Thinking – The value derived from taking a solution-based approach to solving problems and the key advantages of developing solutions that are based on real
    4. Digital Transformation journey for IBM i - A forward looking presentation that explains Digital Transformation, various approaches, shows examples of various IBM i environments applying different strategies.
    5. Championing change in the organization IBM i Think Tank – Emerging Technologies – User led discussion on key initiatives in IT for 2018.
    We are pleased to announce the following dates and locations: