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Requirement is the name given to a specific request for change or addition to the IBM i platform. IBM has a built a common Internet Based platform for CEAC, CAAC and LUG members to create, update and monitor such Requirements. This platform is the basis on which all Requirements are tracked from conception to closure. It is here when both IBM and CEAC members can give feedback. IBM wants CEAC to create Requirements based on discussions/presentations made by IBM, CEAC members’ experience, needs and Requirements gathered from members of Common Europe. To get new Requirements CEAC needs to be visible at CEC and in their countries organisation.

The life cycle of a Requirement is described below:
  • CEAC Members discover a Requirement. They then do some initial research to qualify that this issue is a valid candidate for a new Requirement i.e. the issue exists in the latest release of IBM i and that resolving this Requirement would offer reasonable benefit to a significant population of IBM i users worldwide.

  • A CEAC member or IBM can enter the Requirement into the internet system. It should:
    - Be clearly described.
    - Contain a detailed explanation of the issue and its impact on IBM i users.
    - If a work around exists this too should be described.

  • If one or more of the above cannot be entered at the time the Requirement is entered into the system, then at the next meeting a volunteer should be sought to take on this task.

  • The Requirement is discussed in the next CEAC meeting or call at which time:

  • The Requirement is given a ranking:
    - Important
    - Critical
    - Very Critical
    - TOP20

  • Requirements also have statuses:
    - Available
    - IBM response pending

  • At any point CEAC or IBM can update a Requirement in the online system
    - To add their
    - To subscribe a problem to be notified of updates to the Requirement

  • When IBM respond to the Requirement, the answers can be:
    - No Work Scheduled
    - Work in Process
    - Not in Plan

  • IBM communicates to the CEAC when and what can be reported back to the requestor and what can be published in the open. This process can be lengthy but ensures the quality of the work.

    On an annual basis IBM reports the results of CEAC, CAAC and LUG Requirements:
    - Success story
    - What to do if "not in plan"?
    - How is it solved anyway
    - Can be planned in the future